The Goal

When it comes to school counseling resources, the cup overfloweth.  There are blogs, books, webinars, chats, Pinterest pages and conferences galore related to school counseling.  If you need assistance in coming up with a group counseling session, stand alone guidance lesson, or parent chat, all you have to do is visit Google, and BOOM, you have what you need.

When it comes to resources for international school counselors, though, things are looking a little more dry.  Not only does there seem to be a lack of resources related to international school counseling but there seems to be even less for school counselors in IB schools.

Here is where I come in.  Instead of being frustrated and heading down the never ending rabbit hole of searching resources that may or may not align to an international counseling program, I decided I would take the matter into my own hands and start a blog with an international counseling and IB focus.  The goal is to connect international counselors, create a space for resources and ideas, and advocate for the counseling role in international school settings.

So, sit back, get ready and let the globally minded counseling world flow.

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